Katie's Kool-Kat Kafe

This is where the Kool Kat whacks vibe with fat stacks in their money sacks.

Today we hit over


views according to Neocities!

Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to visit, I hope to hear from you all soon!

Katie's test box

Last update 5/23/24 11:00am MST

5/23/24 10:54am - I added some new photos for the first time in a while. It's been a really tough time lately and I haven't had it in me to update the site. I'm hoping I can get the ball rolling and maybe do something to celebrate all the new viewrs who were nice enough to come by.

2/16/24 12:23pm - I added a lot of photos on to the Photography page

2/16/24 10:50am - I created a page specifically for geniuine Photography rather than just pictures of my cat. I included a link the 'Katie's Notebox' section of the page.


2/1/24 8:54pm - Updated Blog page with even more content showing off the laptop, a new floppy drive, and some colorful new floppy disks! I am very excited to share these.

1/29/24 5:00pm - Updated Blog page with new content regarding recent laptop purchase.

1/28/24 1:27pm - Updated Kitty Kat page with two new photos.

1/27/24 3:15pm - Updated both the Kitty Kat page and the Blog page with new Mavica content. Also updated the celebration sign because we hit 1,500 views today!!!!

1/27/24 9:39am - The Sony Mavica arrived! I already started taking pictures with it yesterday and posted some of the cat ones on the Kitty Kat page.

1/25/24 10:29pm - I created a new Links Page with some neat clips I liked

1/24/24 8:39am - I updated the blog with an actual post this time!

1/24/24 8:13am - I added some falling hearts as a nice bit of cosmetic enhancement.

1/23/24 5:12pm - I updated the about me page slightly.

1/23/24 4:51pm - I added fireworks to better celebrate the 1,000 views milestone!

1/23/24 4:51pm - I removed the guest book as it was unusable

1/23/24 4:41pm - I created a new page dedicated to my cats, Marshmallow and Percy. This is special as this is my first time using what I learned from the two template pages (Blog and About Me) to create a new site from hand.

1/23/24 4:38pm - I created the text celebrating the over 1000 views on

1/22/24 1:29pm - I added a GiffyPet based off my dog, Fünf!

1/22/24 12:23pm - I finished the About me page and added a lava lamp, nicknamed 'laba lamp?', next to the visitor counter.

1/22/24 10:27am - I created a new page for the aboutme section, though I still have to actually make it about me. I tried for a while to add a sidebar as seen on the blog page but kept running into problems where it would interfere with the main section and cause everything to be aligned to the left and collide with each other like some sorta Gmod animation. So no to that, but we can still make the about me page lol!

1/22/24 9:57am - I created a blog page using a template that I've heavily edited. For clarity, the page was created using this site which I found here

1/22/24 8:08am - I have once again changed the background, this time just to an animate star/space background. I just liked the way it dazzled me. More importantly, I am creating the first secondary webpage and included a link in the Katie's Notebox section. I hope to use this second page for the actual blog, it basically just being a giant text section. We'll see how it comes out!

1/22/24 7:25am - I removed the Tabasco rant (you will be missed) and replaced it with the Katie's NoteBox box. This is someplace for me to write/rant and provides some actual content for the website rather than just a chat box and changelog.

1/22/24 7:07am - I changed out the background to a new, open source image. The previous was technically open for use, however I wanted to cover my own booty and plus, this felt a tiny bit more original.

1/22/24 6:44am - I was able to figure out a way to add some space between images and boxes. It is not adjustable like I had hoped, but it does at least allow different elements on the page to breath freely. I also included a visitor counter at the bottom of the page. Felt very retro.

1/22/24 6:23am - I made a slight adjustment to both the grammar and text color for the page's initial welcome text. 'whacks' is now red and instead of 'the money sacks' it is now 'their money sacks.' I also snuck in a little old meme I remembered from Pivot Stick Figure videos I used to watch as a kid.

1/22/24 6:11am - I couldn't fall back sleep after waking up for work with a migraine and deciding to stay home. I made use of this time by changing out the animated anime girls for a different (and in my opinon cuter) gif. I also added a seperator, though I would like to figure out how to space it out more so that it isn't all squished together up there.

1/22/24 12:05am - It took over an hour, but I was finally able to include some anime girl gifs on either side of the title. This took way more effort than I expected, and I hate myself for trying so hard to do this.

1/21/24 10:52pm - I changed the website background to a shared asset used on this page.

1/21/24 10:38pm - I adjusted the size of the change log box for easier reading.

1/21/24 10:35pm - I was able to add a 'top of page' button to the bottom of the webpage. Just in case this thing gets kinda long!

1/21/24 10:25pm - I created a more appealing header for the page, now having a gray background rather than just text on the page.

1/21/24 10:05pm - I was able to include a neocities (host of this website) badge in the bottom right corner of the page.

I was able to make this box to list changes I've made to the webstie.

Up until this point, we have added the chat, changed the website text and background color, and created a change log.

From here on out, updates with have a time card and be shown in the following format. 1/21/24 9:59pm - example changed from this to that for example's sake.